Happy Veteran’s Day…

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Random Blogging

Happy Veterans Day to all those serving, have served, and lost their lives serving this country.


Do you all remember the movie “…but I’m a cheerleader?” starring Natasha Lyonne and Michelle Williams (not the one off of Dawson’s Creek… but The Faculty with Usher?) That movie about the cheerleader who has the football jock boyfriend, the rich suburban parents, affluent neighborhood, and the list goes on and on and on…? Well the main character, Natasha Lyonne’s, character was having dreams about females and decided to go to a “Gay Camp” to make her become an acceptable person in society. Although the movie did a horrible job in the entertainment business, I thought he movie was amazing in reference to daily cultural constraints. So, you maybe wondering what the heck I am getting at here… let me bring you forward into my excellent cross referencing skills for spell:

  • In the movie the characters attend a camp where the campus director developed a private-for-profit facility specifically designed to turn gay kids straight through active role-playing techniques, dances, and character development. Isn’t that similar to a job market? Because of my current unemployment status and the referral (or lackthereof) of job agencies, I find this scenario similar to my job search. We all attend some sort of training to enhance our skills that are marketable in a diversifying yet discriminative society and as time drags along… we fall into the “average American” force-field of career aspirations. I am debating whether it is necessary for me to attend such a “facility” to become a more marketable young scholar… but wait I already think I am that so this is unneccessary?…
  • Secondly, during the opening of the movie, the monochromatic character decides that her thoughts about herself are misleading but steadfast in the possible success rate of college applications, marriage, and howdy-doody living. She begins to question her sanity because  she is not achieving or modeling the behavior that is normal. Well, in my job search I have felt the same way. My skills that I have are definitely approachable and interdisciplinary, and yet I am still unemployed. I hate to say it but in reference to myself… “but I am a college graduate…?”

When we first went to college or had dreams about attending college after high school, we all heard the statement “People go to college to make more money…” what young person wouldn’t hop on the opportunity to make money that is there own? Money that they do not have to worry about being “taxed” by their parents in the course of household chores, babysitting, or just for being their spawn… So, I went to college to do so but in the pursuit of my Bachelor’s of Arts degree in General Psychology and Social Work… I found that I don’t care for the money. College has a weird way of making you feel as though the money is second to making a definite career decision… but there there young grasshopper it is. If you have an amazing college experience, such as my own as a Fighting Koala of Columbia College, than you will realize the passion for the degree outweighs the financial dependence. Even though I am unemployed at the current time, I would give all this up to go back to school and obtain another degree. I am in pursuit of attending the University of South Carolina to obtain my Master’s in Social Work degree and Public Health next fall… and yet I still do not have a job. But I do need to be real here, I can’t survive off my passion. This world is not that holistic to do so… but take advice from a young lady who basically has nothing, sleeps on the floor, scarce amount of food, dependence on an already low salary, limited clothes, and is plus sized… I will do it all again if God allowed me to. I shall end with this lovely quote about resilience.

There is no way to re-enchant our lives in a disenchanted culture except by becoming renegades from that culture and planting the seeds for a new one. – Thomas Moore

“The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.”

There’s nothing greater than this quote. Remember this quote when you feel and doubt your beauty ladies. I am not able to be there to help every woman realize that her level of education sometimes supercede the fact that the world may find her unattractive. I hope to develop a nationally recognized program that targets this specific quote and makes it into something that can help every woman feel beautiful about themselves! Take care and have a wonderful afternoon. Let’s learn to empower those who are too weak to empower themselves.

I want to thank the 50 visitors that I have had to my blog in the last couple days. that’s a big step for a new blogger especially in only three days. You guys are awesome. So, again thank you and refer my to your friends!

Well, the day at the unemployment office didn’t go so well as planned. They told me that I had to reapply on November 1st, and then go through the process all over gain. I wanted to have an out-of-mind moment and slap him in the face for that crock of bull, but I decided to play the sweetheart role as I usually do. I don’t understand the process of unemployment insurance anyway. Let’s see if I can use my critical thinking skills to decipher and make due with this chained process. Okay, so you register on an employment website to possibly obtain a job in states that have approximately 8-15% unemployment rates and then you must file every sunday or monday depending on the last number in your social security number and possibly go in for an eligibility review. But until you receive a plausible amount for your benefits, you are stuck in purgatory like I am at the moment. How is it possible that I was eligible for benefits since October of last year and they are just sending me a letter saying my benefits expire on Halloween. I feel an ounce of error or illiteracy in these unemployment offices, but how can I respond when they are the ones doing the job for those that are unemployed? Woe is me, my friends… woe is freaking me.

On a good note, halloween is coming in two days. Can we say whatever? I have learned to grow out of the halloween festitivities unless I am taking my niece and nephew trick-o-treating. I remember a couple years ago we had an activity at my university where the faculty’s children will go around to the residence halls and go trick-o-treating. My roommate and I dressed up in tall sheets with black eyes and played scary halloween music and was like… having so much fun. I remember it because the kids loved my laptop stand most of all besides the candy. Anyway, we are going to a masquerade party which is the equivalence to the adults’ version of a Halloween spooktacular and I am still without an outfit. I have a black shirt and some leggings but I don’t wanna be too basic. I wanted a dress. My brother stated that he may come and give me some money so I can purchase a dress, but I will see it when it happens. I am going because my best friend of NINE years turns 23 this monday and we always celebrate her birthday as the big event… So, I will post pictures when the time comes.

On another another note, I have been watching Daria episodes all week during breakfast and I really miss that show. It would serve young adults proficiently if Daria was allowed back on air because I think the tramps of Degrassi are getting a little out of hand. BTW, does anyone remember when Aubrey Graham aka “DRAKE” played Jimmy on Degrassi like a few years ago and know he is a big rap star.? Talk about small world… how can an avid degrassi fan who went from acting like a straight but cute lame become an aspiring rapper? I guess it doesn’t take much. Now don’t get me wrong, Drake is definitely a virtuoso… he has talents in every area possible but it’s hard to take him out of the role we both grew up viewing him on. I try to sometimes, but it’s a little more difficult than I imagine.

And lastly, I decided to get a couple Associate Degrees possibly in Accounting and Early Care and Education because I know I am not ready to transfer to another state for grad school yet. When I am ready, I will make that leap of faith but until then I will get more adept at the skills that are quite marketable do my current state. I also received a call from a location that wants to give me a CNA training job. Things are looking fantastic for me, maybe I wouldn’t even need that unemployment. We will see my friends, we will see. Well, I have to go and cry because the Sims 3 is taking forever to download… my parents needs to turn the internet back on cause this wireless connection in our apartment complex is quite dull… but as Dora the Explorer and Diego says “Hasta Luego…”

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My DirtballHow adorkably cute is this species: No, it is not a dog or a guinea pig. It’s the new love of my life… Dirtball. You all can figure out what he is, but yes he is magnificiently beautiful. We got him yesterday and I have fallen in love with the little munchkin. So, have the image peaked your interest yet? It should because this beautiful baby is definitely a sweetheart. Of course, it takes time to bond with him but I am anxious. I got some battle scars on my shoulders this morning because he is use to hiding in my hair but I have my hair platted in three braids… maybe I shouldn’t make any drastic changes to my appearance so he will know who I am… who knows, he’s freaking sexy anyway. He gets about “______________________” long with droopy ears… I cannot wait until he grows up for real! Anyway, the emancipation of ‘dirtball’ is in full throttle… HOWEVER, the little demon has been hiding behind my television and I am for certain biting the electrical cords… He will just have to learn himself… HE IS ADORABLE OMG. He just hopped up and did flips… I love him! 🙂

In other news, my life sucks. I still haven’t fundraised the monies to acquire my dress for the masquerade ball this weekend. I guess I will have to sew up my shirt and maybe ask for 20$ and buy a pair of tights and shorts maybe. The singer Lloyd will be there and I wanted to stand out because I have been his biggest fan since the year 2004 when he first arrived in the R&B scene with Murda Inc. I know all of his songs by heart and I wanted to have the opportunity to be seen in a crowd of other smaller women at the party, but that seems to not be my niche. Maybe just being there and enjoying him as his fan is enough. I hope it is enough, I don’t want to be on the backburner this saturday.

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If there are things in life that you hate to discuss, this is probably one of those times. This morning is my grandiose meeting at the unemployment office. I always wonder if people are picking on me because they see this smart educated black woman who has her bachelor’s degree but is making a gross net income of approximately two cents a month… from the pennies I find on my floor. This economy, or rather south carolina’s economy, is pretty bad. I am sure there are other cities out there who are worse but I am not in those cities so I can only go off statistics. From what I was told, I would be answering a little survey about myself (SN: I ALWAYS PRESS SURVERY instead of SURVEY) and I think that’s it… but I have to handle some business also. I have to use my business savvy and charismatic personality to get across to these people that I have benefits that expire that I have not been receiving. By law, I am require to receive these funds so let’s pray I do because I am definitely behind on some bills and many of my bill collectors are cutting my bill in HALF or even 3/4’s of what I owe… I can’t miss that up. I will post a more lengthy blog later but I have to get ready to meet my unemployment maker.

Who would have told me that the search for a little black dress would be difficult? Everytime I loved one, I loved another… and then another… and then a couple more… and then about ten more. I began my search last week for a dress… I even asked some of my friends to chip in until my unemployment kicks in and I will pay them back… #EPIC FAIL…. but whatever. So, I started my search at BabyPhat. I love baby phat because the clothing, although it feels sometimes too thin, it exentuates my curves. It hugs the right places and hides the others. So, here was my first choice for a dress… YES I AM PLUS SIZED! What size, um does it matter? I’m a thick and chunky frugalista and I am proud of it.

Now, when I saw this dress I was like… man I will be the crene de la creme of the party I am attending saturday. It is an all black masquerade party and I haven’t been out in months and decided that since it’s my best friends’ birthday this weekend… time for an outing. So, when I had my heart set on this dress, I found this one at Dereon and it threw the other dress out of the water. There is not a dress that can live up to the beauty and sexy appeal of this dress…Image courtersy of Dereon.com

But it costs… 80.00$… BEYONCE is tripping. That’s the thing I hate about plus size clothes. I know it costs a little more to make… but there is no need to get greedy about the price. It was on sale a few days ago and I begged a friend of mine to buy it but … he just shrugged me off basically so I was a little hurt but it’s okay. I really think this dress would fit my curves more than the Baby Phat dress because it’s a sexy dress. I literally asked about 20 male friends how they think I would look in this dress and they all responded “If you wear that dress, I will come to the party and not take my hands off of you.” Now ladies, when you go out… you hope to receive this type of attention if not more than just an acceptable amount of attention. When I go out I am usually the one who doesn’t get approached or seen that much… maybe it’s because I cover up too much? My face shows a low self-confidence? I am too worried to do anything with fear of being watched? Who knows, but I know if I had that dress, I would probably have a boost of confidence.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case and I am currently searching for awesome alternatives. I also need to find a new basic pair of pumps because my booties that I have are very cheap value and my feet are swollen for some reason and won’t fit in the shoes anymore. I really adored those shoes and they made my torso seem longer and slimmer. I’m gonna try to fit into those shoes because I am workign with limited funds here and none of my friends where my size shoe anyway. So, I am on the prowl for a nice sweater dress and some tights… maybe a pair of cheap boots from TJ MAXX or Marshalls. I will update you on my search later on… until then.

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