I got the black girl unemployment blues… (ends harmonica note)

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Random Blogging

If there are things in life that you hate to discuss, this is probably one of those times. This morning is my grandiose meeting at the unemployment office. I always wonder if people are picking on me because they see this smart educated black woman who has her bachelor’s degree but is making a gross net income of approximately two cents a month… from the pennies I find on my floor. This economy, or rather south carolina’s economy, is pretty bad. I am sure there are other cities out there who are worse but I am not in those cities so I can only go off statistics. From what I was told, I would be answering a little survey about myself (SN: I ALWAYS PRESS SURVERY instead of SURVEY) and I think that’s it… but I have to handle some business also. I have to use my business savvy and charismatic personality to get across to these people that I have benefits that expire that I have not been receiving. By law, I am require to receive these funds so let’s pray I do because I am definitely behind on some bills and many of my bill collectors are cutting my bill in HALF or even 3/4’s of what I owe… I can’t miss that up. I will post a more lengthy blog later but I have to get ready to meet my unemployment maker.


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