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Happy Veteran’s Day…

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Random Blogging

Happy Veterans Day to all those serving, have served, and lost their lives serving this country.


Do you all remember the movie “…but I’m a cheerleader?” starring Natasha Lyonne and Michelle Williams (not the one off of Dawson’s Creek… but The Faculty with Usher?) That movie about the cheerleader who has the football jock boyfriend, the rich suburban parents, affluent neighborhood, and the list goes on and on and on…? Well the main character, Natasha Lyonne’s, character was having dreams about females and decided to go to a “Gay Camp” to make her become an acceptable person in society. Although the movie did a horrible job in the entertainment business, I thought he movie was amazing in reference to daily cultural constraints. So, you maybe wondering what the heck I am getting at here… let me bring you forward into my excellent cross referencing skills for spell:

  • In the movie the characters attend a camp where the campus director developed a private-for-profit facility specifically designed to turn gay kids straight through active role-playing techniques, dances, and character development. Isn’t that similar to a job market? Because of my current unemployment status and the referral (or lackthereof) of job agencies, I find this scenario similar to my job search. We all attend some sort of training to enhance our skills that are marketable in a diversifying yet discriminative society and as time drags along… we fall into the “average American” force-field of career aspirations. I am debating whether it is necessary for me to attend such a “facility” to become a more marketable young scholar… but wait I already think I am that so this is unneccessary?…
  • Secondly, during the opening of the movie, the monochromatic character decides that her thoughts about herself are misleading but steadfast in the possible success rate of college applications, marriage, and howdy-doody living. She begins to question her sanity because  she is not achieving or modeling the behavior that is normal. Well, in my job search I have felt the same way. My skills that I have are definitely approachable and interdisciplinary, and yet I am still unemployed. I hate to say it but in reference to myself… “but I am a college graduate…?”

When we first went to college or had dreams about attending college after high school, we all heard the statement “People go to college to make more money…” what young person wouldn’t hop on the opportunity to make money that is there own? Money that they do not have to worry about being “taxed” by their parents in the course of household chores, babysitting, or just for being their spawn… So, I went to college to do so but in the pursuit of my Bachelor’s of Arts degree in General Psychology and Social Work… I found that I don’t care for the money. College has a weird way of making you feel as though the money is second to making a definite career decision… but there there young grasshopper it is. If you have an amazing college experience, such as my own as a Fighting Koala of Columbia College, than you will realize the passion for the degree outweighs the financial dependence. Even though I am unemployed at the current time, I would give all this up to go back to school and obtain another degree. I am in pursuit of attending the University of South Carolina to obtain my Master’s in Social Work degree and Public Health next fall… and yet I still do not have a job. But I do need to be real here, I can’t survive off my passion. This world is not that holistic to do so… but take advice from a young lady who basically has nothing, sleeps on the floor, scarce amount of food, dependence on an already low salary, limited clothes, and is plus sized… I will do it all again if God allowed me to. I shall end with this lovely quote about resilience.

There is no way to re-enchant our lives in a disenchanted culture except by becoming renegades from that culture and planting the seeds for a new one. – Thomas Moore

“The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.”

There’s nothing greater than this quote. Remember this quote when you feel and doubt your beauty ladies. I am not able to be there to help every woman realize that her level of education sometimes supercede the fact that the world may find her unattractive. I hope to develop a nationally recognized program that targets this specific quote and makes it into something that can help every woman feel beautiful about themselves! Take care and have a wonderful afternoon. Let’s learn to empower those who are too weak to empower themselves.