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My DirtballHow adorkably cute is this species: No, it is not a dog or a guinea pig. It’s the new love of my life… Dirtball. You all can figure out what he is, but yes he is magnificiently beautiful. We got him yesterday and I have fallen in love with the little munchkin. So, have the image peaked your interest yet? It should because this beautiful baby is definitely a sweetheart. Of course, it takes time to bond with him but I am anxious. I got some battle scars on my shoulders this morning because he is use to hiding in my hair but I have my hair platted in three braids… maybe I shouldn’t make any drastic changes to my appearance so he will know who I am… who knows, he’s freaking sexy anyway. He gets about “______________________” long with droopy ears… I cannot wait until he grows up for real! Anyway, the emancipation of ‘dirtball’ is in full throttle… HOWEVER, the little demon has been hiding behind my television and I am for certain biting the electrical cords… He will just have to learn himself… HE IS ADORABLE OMG. He just hopped up and did flips… I love him! 🙂

In other news, my life sucks. I still haven’t fundraised the monies to acquire my dress for the masquerade ball this weekend. I guess I will have to sew up my shirt and maybe ask for 20$ and buy a pair of tights and shorts maybe. The singer Lloyd will be there and I wanted to stand out because I have been his biggest fan since the year 2004 when he first arrived in the R&B scene with Murda Inc. I know all of his songs by heart and I wanted to have the opportunity to be seen in a crowd of other smaller women at the party, but that seems to not be my niche. Maybe just being there and enjoying him as his fan is enough. I hope it is enough, I don’t want to be on the backburner this saturday.

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I woke up this morning with an unusual feeling of achievements… I was anxious to continue on my search for grad school, send out some letters of recommendations for said grad school to my noteworthy professors at COLUMBIA COLLEGE, and enjoy some company at my apartment. And then I woke up. I realized that my cellphone was off for the morning, my back ached with some pains, I am broke as a joke, and I have no job. So, you can just imagine what I am sorta going through at the moment, but who cares about that stuff right? I am alive… so one would think. I am terribly behind in the world due to my lack of networking. I feel this is only temporary though, I just will go nuts without my phone. My mother and me made an agreement that until I get a job, she will furnish my cellphone bill…. yeah. I am disconnected now. I can’t be upset though, it is my fault I am without a job or whatever.

So, let’s get back to this blog here. I am very excited to be creating this blog because I am tired of writing in my journal. I need to implement and enhance my 75 WPM and keep my fingers moving at all times. This blog will secretly reveal my current woes and joes, some fashion finds and deals, picture blogging, graduate school tips and tricks (GRE INCLUDED), sims 3 updates, etc… it’s basically an all-around blog for an all-around virgo. I haven’t decided whether I want to keep “Virgough” as my main title or make it “Virgo-UGH!” which is a little more bloggy type. I am a virgo by default and I love love love love LOVE my sign with all my heart. So, that will come later, but for now I have to get some friends on my blogroll and enjoy wordpress once again for all that it is worth. But first, I shall go and make some pancakes and continue watching “She’s out of my league”. Good day all.