First Born

Those nine months, I gave my mommy hell
But it’s alright I knew she’d raise me well
She held me in her arms determined as ever
I sometimes wondered if life would be this grand endeavor

She took me home to a lonesome place
That smile at the hospital quickly disappeared from her face
Furniture and things she screamed I don’t know
Anger and hurt on mommy’s face was beginning to show…

She cursed a man’s named whom she labelled as dad
Dad? Motherfucker? Someone I wish I had…
He left for war without a goodbye
It was really harmful to see my mommy cry

I was no longer the bundle of joy
I felt empty like the unemployed
She threw me on the bed, hurting my new head
I blacked out like a light… afraid to go into that good night

Some years have passed and all i can say
That I hate my mommy for the killing me this way
She didn’t give me a chance to explain how important I was
She killed me, her first born, just cause.


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