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Who would have told me that the search for a little black dress would be difficult? Everytime I loved one, I loved another… and then another… and then a couple more… and then about ten more. I began my search last week for a dress… I even asked some of my friends to chip in until my unemployment kicks in and I will pay them back… #EPIC FAIL…. but whatever. So, I started my search at BabyPhat. I love baby phat because the clothing, although it feels sometimes too thin, it exentuates my curves. It hugs the right places and hides the others. So, here was my first choice for a dress… YES I AM PLUS SIZED! What size, um does it matter? I’m a thick and chunky frugalista and I am proud of it.

Now, when I saw this dress I was like… man I will be the crene de la creme of the party I am attending saturday. It is an all black masquerade party and I haven’t been out in months and decided that since it’s my best friends’ birthday this weekend… time for an outing. So, when I had my heart set on this dress, I found this one at Dereon and it threw the other dress out of the water. There is not a dress that can live up to the beauty and sexy appeal of this dress…Image courtersy of

But it costs… 80.00$… BEYONCE is tripping. That’s the thing I hate about plus size clothes. I know it costs a little more to make… but there is no need to get greedy about the price. It was on sale a few days ago and I begged a friend of mine to buy it but … he just shrugged me off basically so I was a little hurt but it’s okay. I really think this dress would fit my curves more than the Baby Phat dress because it’s a sexy dress. I literally asked about 20 male friends how they think I would look in this dress and they all responded “If you wear that dress, I will come to the party and not take my hands off of you.” Now ladies, when you go out… you hope to receive this type of attention if not more than just an acceptable amount of attention. When I go out I am usually the one who doesn’t get approached or seen that much… maybe it’s because I cover up too much? My face shows a low self-confidence? I am too worried to do anything with fear of being watched? Who knows, but I know if I had that dress, I would probably have a boost of confidence.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case and I am currently searching for awesome alternatives. I also need to find a new basic pair of pumps because my booties that I have are very cheap value and my feet are swollen for some reason and won’t fit in the shoes anymore. I really adored those shoes and they made my torso seem longer and slimmer. I’m gonna try to fit into those shoes because I am workign with limited funds here and none of my friends where my size shoe anyway. So, I am on the prowl for a nice sweater dress and some tights… maybe a pair of cheap boots from TJ MAXX or Marshalls. I will update you on my search later on… until then.

OH YEAH! I also hated twitter but I decided to join it… add me @virgough on I am sure I will learn to love it just as much as I love WORDPRESS.